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Want to know how to puncture proof your wheelchair tyres? Here is our rapid fire guide on all things puncture resistant when it comes to your wheelchair tyres.

There are four main ways to puncture proof wheelchair tyres, all of which give you that extra level of protection against those dreaded punctures! Read below to find out more:


1. Puncture Proof Wheelchair Tyres

Sounds really obvious but buying a new set of puncture proof tyres is the easiest way to stop punctures dead in their tracks. A solid or infilled tyre removes the need to use inner tubes plus you never need to pump your tyres up again. Job done, problem solved? Well, there is one main down side being weight. But for many the extra weight is worth the peace of mind. Also solid tyres can be a little expensive if you don't need new tyres just yet, safe to say there are other less expensive options available. Plus when it comes to feel and handling, a solid tyre can be a compromise over a pneumatic tyre. Check out our range of puncture proof wheelchair tyres here.


2. Wheelchair Tyre Inserts

Similar to option one above but less expensive! Instead of replacing the whole tyre with a puncture proof one; you can in some cases simply replace the inner tube and the air! Using a tyre insert is a great cost saving option to end punctures once and for all. They are a middle of the road cost option too with the added benefit of knowing when you're tyres wear out you need just change them (a big advantage over solid tyres). However, replacing the air with an insert will again compromise weight. Check out our range of wheelchair tyre inserts here.


3. Inner Tube Puncture Sealants

Third on the list and the least expensive option is a compatible puncture sealant. These work by putting a small amount of puncture gel in each tube. As the tyre rotates the sealant coats the inside of the tube and if there are any tiny holes (up to a certain size) the fibres in the slime try to go through the hole and clog up together and coupled with the the gel they create an air tight seal without you even knowing they just fixed a puncture for you. Clever stuff really. Plus it only adds a small amount of weight and doesn't compromise the handling and feel of your tyres too much either. 


4. Puncture Resistant Wheelchair Tyres

Yep, there is a difference between puncture proof and puncture resistant, one stops punctures the other reduces the chance of them. Brands such as Schwalbe offer their tyres with kevlar belts on the main body of the tyre, this is much tougher than just rubber making it harder for anything to penetrate your inner tube while out and about. This is a great option if you're needing to change your tyres and it's always spending that little bit more for added peace of mind. To check out our Schwalbe wheelchair tyres click here.



All in all these options may cost that bit more, but what you'll save in time, peace of mind and frustration is well worth paying for in our humble opinion. In most cases it's weighing up the compromise of added cost and weight vs. fewer (or no punctures). Plus finding the happy medium of grip and handling you require vs. the puncture proofing options. It really is a personal choice of what works best in every individuals situation.

We hoped these four options helped and if there is anything else you need when it comes to wheelchair tyres just get in touch, we're happy to help.


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