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How to pump up wheelchair tyres

Ever wondered how to pump up wheelchair tyres? Well, look no further as here is our quick guide for getting the job done.

Inflating wheelchair tyres is best done using a hand or foot pump (the same kind you'd use for inflating cycle tyres). The valve attachment you'll require will likely be 'Schrader' (thats the car type valve) and this attachment comes pretty much as standard on all bike hand and foot pumps. 

Once attached the the inner tube valve, hopefully you have a pump with a pressure gauge on it (else you're just guessing at the pressure, too high is dangerous and too low increase tyre wear and power required), simply look on the side of the wheelchair tyre you wish to pump up and it will be written in wither PSI or Bar. Simply inflate until the pressure gauge matches the manufacturers recommendation and voila you're done. Just remember to check all the tyres so they are all the correct and even pressure and make sure to put the valve caps back on the inner tube valves and you're good to go.

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