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Whether you've got a puncture or are in need of a spare, getting the right tube is paramount. 

When buying an inner tube, the best method is to look at the tyre you're replacing the tube of. Ironically, we don't suggest looking at the inner tube you wish to replace! Put simply, the tube has to fit the tyre.

1. Look on the side of the tyre(s) you wish to replace the tube of and find the specification. Be sure to check both front and rear tyre(s) if applicable as many prams use a combination of sizes.

2. Determine the tire size, there are 2 number required. One will be the diameter of the tyre, the other will be the width of the tyre. You need both numbers.

3. Look down the list below to match up the numbers you have for each wheel you wish to replace the tube of. 

4. Valve type. You must replace the valve with the same valve type as originally used. Put simply they are mainly, straight or angled (however please see the items description for full details)

For example: 12 x 2 1/4 wrote on the side of the tyre. This means the tyre is a 12" diameter with a 2 1/4" width. 

Not listed? If it is not listed just drop us an email with your make, model and all numbers and specification on the side of your tyre(s) and we’ll be happy to help.


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