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Want to know the 2 easy methods for knowing the size of your wheelchair tyres? Fortunately, no rulers or tape measures are required here. You see all the answers are already there and here's how to go about getting them in no time!


1. You don't need to measure anything!

Put that ruler down! To find out the size of the tyre, have a look on the sidewall of the tyre. At some point around it, you'll find sets of numbers. Once you find them, it's simply a case of matching you the numbers you have with the tyre size you need, easy!  There are two key numbers you need, one is the width of the tyre, the other is the diameter. Once armed with this, here on Mobility Rubber, simply navigate to the correct size section to narrow down the choices that work for you! Check out the sidebar filer on our range of wheel chair tyres to get your exact size! Else, below is a list of some common sizes you'll see on the side of your wheel chair tyres:


2. Let us help you!

If you're not sure, we're happy to help. Simply take the steps in point one above and tell us what you find. For us to show you the best options of tyres that will fit your requirements, we of course need the width and diameter ratings wrote on the side of the tyres you want to replace. Not sure which numbers are which? Simply send us everything wrote on the sidewall or why not send us an image if that easier.

Either way, we want you to be able to get to the size of your wheelchair tyres quickly and easily without any complications of measuring anything! We hope the above couple of pointers help you get the information you from the tyre itself or the peace of mind you want by letting us help you.


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