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Puncture Proofing Mobility Scooter Tyres

There are several ways of puncture proofing mobility scooter tyres; here are our top picks.

1. Puncture Proof Tyres - Sounds obvious but buying a new set of puncture proof tyres is the easiest way to stop punctures dead in their tracks. A solid or infilled tyre removes the need to use are to keep your tyres pumped up. However, this can be a little expensive if you don't need new tyres just yet, safe to say there are other less expensive options available. Check out our range of puncture proof mobility scooter tyres here.

2. Inserts - Instead of replacing the entire tyre with a puncture proof option, you can simply replace what was the air! Using a tyre insert is a great cost saving option to end punctures once and for all. Check out our range of mobility scooter tyre inserts here.

3. Sealants - Finally, the least expensive option are sealants. These work buy putting a small amount of puncture sealant in each tyre. As the tyre spins the sealant coats the inside of the tyre and if there are any little holes (up to a certain size) the fibres in the sealant quite simply clog up the hole and the gel creates an air tight seal. Simple. Check out our sealant for mobility scooter tyres here.

All in all these options may cost a little or a lot, but what you'll save in time, peace of mind and frustration is well worth paying for in our opinion.


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