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If you need to change a tyre on a mobility scooter, we only recommend a qualified mobility scooter mechanic perform the task. The guide below is simply an overview of the process they are likely to use.

Again, first and foremost is safety; our best advice would be to have a qualified mobility scooter mechanic do it for you. They have the skills, tools and knowledge to do it properly.

One piece wheels

The method they will use is similar to that of changing a car/bike tyre. Tyres can be changed both on and off a mobility scooter. It's a simply case of deflating the tyre, using tyre levers to remove one side of the tyre, then slip out the inner tube (if applicable), finally remove the other side of the tyre and you'll be done.

To replace a mobility scooter tyre, it's the same thing but in reverse. First use the tyre levers to get one side of the tyre over the rim lip (making sure to pay attention to any tread direction). Second, you'll need to replace the tube inside the tyre and pop the valve through the rim. Once it's in you need to use the tyre levers to get the second tyre side over the lip and inflate the tube. Check both sides of the tyre to see that it's seated properly and also remember to inflate to the pressure on the side of the tyre.

Two piece wheels

Else, if you have split rims, the rims will need to be separated first. This method involves the tyre/tube being totally deflated first, then un-tighten the retaining bolts that clamp both sides of the wheel rim together. Best practice is not to full un-tighten one bolt at a time, but gradually release the 2 piece rim bolts a little each at a time. This way the rim shouldn't apply un-even or unnecessary pressure on any particular bolt. Once the bolts are fully removed the rim should come apart. Once apart it allows for the tyre/tube (or a solid tyre) to be replaced. 

When putting the rims back together, it's a case of clamping the rims back together and gradually getting each bolt attached first, then slowly tightening each bolt bit by bit so that the rims close together evenly. If not, the risk of the rim becoming jammed or the bolt thread being damaged is increased. Also the bolts should be tightened to the manufacturers torque setting for safety and security.


Note: This is merely an explanation as to how the process of changing a tyre is done and is in no way a guide to follow nor is it professional advice. We suggest only a qualified mobility scooter mechanic be used for changing tyres/tubes etc.


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