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What pressure should my wheelchair tyres be?

What wheelchair tyre pressure do I need is a question we get asked a lot. The best way to find what pressure you need is to look on the side of the tyre you wish to change the pressure of.

On the side of the tyre will be the pressure rating (either in PSI or Bar), simply use this specification/guide to help you get the correct pressure. Because pressures are usually low in volume a bike or foot pump will get the job done easily. However, with more performance orientated sports chair tyres, the pressures can run very high. So, be sure to check the pump you are using can safely achieve the desired pressures (check the pumps pressure rating from the manufacturer). 

Regularly checking your wheelchair tyre pressures can help reduce tyre wear and effort required especially if the pressure is too low. You can use a pressure gauge, else a bike or foot pump with a gauge will get the job done. 


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